Bricks By The Bay 2020 Lego Masters discussion with Richard and Flynn

We were excited to be able to host so many of the LEGO Masters from Season 1 of the hit Fox TV series.  Flynn and Richard (Bricks by the Bay is their home convention!) facilitated the discussion.  The participants introduced themselves and then we were treated to a lively chat about their journeys to get on the show and what the show experience was like.  We ended with questions sent in by convention attendees - some serious and some fun!  It quickly becomes obvious to the viewer that they all became good friends and continue to support each other as well as the larger LEGO community.  Please check out their contacts (listed below).


Participants:  Flynn, Richard, Corey, Boone, Mark, Sam, Jessica, Mel, Jermaine, Krystle, Amie






Flynn DeMarco & Richard Board



Boone Langston



Boone Builds

Mel Brown



Iceberg Bricks

Jermaine Gardner



Corey Samuels



Krystle Starr



Amie Danielle Dansby



Sam Hatmaker



Jessica Ragzy Ewud




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Bricks by the Bay 2020 virtual conventioin announcement

After careful consideration, we've decided to take Bricks by the Bay into the online arena with a virtual version of the convention on Saturday July 11 (with an opening ceremony on the evening of Friday July 10).  While nothing can replace the feel of ABS under our fingertips, we hope to maintain the cool and clarity of our “Vision 2020” theme and provide a fun and interesting experience for all of our fans. 

We will have virtual tours of LEGO MOCs, panel discussions, workshops, LEGO Masters participants, talks, games, contests and a chance to show off your own MOCs.

You can sign up for the virtual convention on this website now. The registration per connection will be $5.  If you visit us in the real world in 2021 we will have a printed convention brick for 2020 virtual attendees.




Convention Activities