Attendee Registration Process

Important! If you want a printed brick with your name and affiliation etc., you must register no later than July 6, 2018 by 11:59 PM!


We have changed the name of the four day convention attendees to "Brick Builders." This is to differentiate between full convention attendees and the public. Both groups are "attending", and it has caused some confusion in the past.


1. If you are staying at the hotel, book your reservation first. You'll need your reservation number for a $30.00 discount toward one Convention Attendee pass.

2. From the Bricks By The Bay homepage, click Login.

3. Then either:

     a. Enter your email address and password.

     b. Click "Sign up now" to create an account.

4. Click on Account > Register Convention Attendee.

5. Follow the promts to complete your registration.




Convention Activities