Exhibiting Your Creations

The heart and soul of the Convention is the exhibition of all of your amazing creations for the admiration of other builders and the public, and the opportunity to win prizes.

The MOCs (“My Own Creations”) displays are organized into themes, grouped by subject matter. Your MOC will be displayed on a table with the other MOCs in that theme.


MOC Registration

The deadline for MOC registration has been extended.  Please register all of your MOCs before the Convention, no later than Thursday, August 3, 2017.  Please visit the Account Summary page to register your MOC. The Account Summary page is always accessible from the minifig head menu, as well.

IMPORTANT:  You must register your MOC by August 3 to be eligible to win a prize.  You can always remove or cancel your MOC registration but you cannot register late.  If you are thinking of removing your MOC, please contact your theme coordinator who may have suggestions for completing and displaying your MOC.

MOC Setup

Bring your MOCs to the Convention on Friday for setup (or Saturday morning if you are not able to set up on Friday) and take them home after the public hours close on Sunday evening.

2017 Themes are:



Castle, Fantasy & Historical

High Seas      


Pop Culture 

          Robotics and Mechanisms          

Scale Models          

Space & Science Fiction  

Town & Train

Great Ball Contraption (collaborative display)    

Bricks by the Bay 2017 will also have a special collaborative display with its own trophies. To participate see the Great Ball Contraption rules at:    

In addition to the above themes, BBTB also has special themes for younger builders.  PLEASE NOTE: Junior and Teen builders have the option to put their creations up against the adult builders if they prefer by registering them in the theme categories instead.

Junior Builder (up to 12 years)                   

Teen Builder (13 to 17 years)                           

Large Displays (for large displays in ANY theme)

There are separate trophies for the Large Displays theme.  It should still be registered under the most appropriate theme above but may be selected by our judges to recieve a special large diaplay trophy instead of a regualr theme trophy.  Individual MOCs that are displayed as a part of a Large Display (for example, a building or vehicle that is a part of a diorama) may be registered individually in one of the regular themes as well.

The Special Exhibitor Program (now closed for 2017 but it is never to early to start working on 2018) offers support to builders who are building and bringing big impressive creations which will wow the public at our Public Exhibition. If you think you will qualify for this program, please fill out an application form.

Overall (for displays in any theme)



See Winners from 2016


Theme and Event Kit


Games & Workshops