Local LEGO® Stores

There are three LEGO® Brand Retail Stores in the South Bay Area for your shopping convenience during your visit to our convention. Westfield Valley Fair is the closest to the convention site. Be advised that there is no discount offered to Bricks by the Bay attendees. Details on this page are subject to change without notice.

You can find these stores, the hotel, and nearby airports all on the Google Map of BBTB Points of Interest. Use the directions and (on your mobile device) navigation features to get detailed driving and/or transit directions.

Westfield Valley Fair Mall

2855 Stevens Creek Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Hillsdale Shopping Center

341 Hillsdale Shopping Center
San Mateo, CA 94403

Stoneridge Shopping Center

1344 Stoneridge Mall
Pleasanton, CA 94588

LEGO® Conventions Around the World

Adult fans of LEGO® (AFOLs) have been organizing conventions since 2000. It all started with BrickFest in Washington, DC, and the idea has since spread across the country and around the globe. Here’s a brief overview of these unique events.

North American LEGO® Conventions

BrickCon—Seattle, WA
Seattle was the second city to get a LEGO® convention and BrickCon is the oldest continuously-running fan event today. It started as a LEGO® exhibition (not a convention) by 25 adult LEGO® hobbyists in 2002 and became a full convention in 2003. It has grown ever since, filling a large 40,000 square foot exhibition hall at Seattle Center. It is held every year in the first weekend in October. Until 2007 it was known as “Northwest BrickCon” or “NWBrickCon.”
Brickworld—Chicago, IL
Brickworld started in 2006 and has grown to be the largest of the LEGO® conventions. Held in June of every year, it draws participants from all over the midwest, including several large LEGO® Train Club displays. Brickworld also sponsors annual shows in Fort Wayne, Lafayette, and Indianapolis, Indiana.
BrickFair—Washington, DC; Birmingham, AL; Manchester, NH; and Somerset, NJ
Picking up where BrickFest left off, BrickFair is held every year in the Washington, DC area in August. They started in the Sheraton in Tysons Corner where BrickFest 2006 was held, but outgrew that facility and now have the event at Dulles Expo Center in Northern Virginia. They also have a January convention in Birmingham, AL every year since 2012; one in May in Manchester, NH since 2013; and a November event in Somerset, NJ that started in 2014.
Brick Fiesta —Texas
BrickFiesta is held in a different Texan city every year over the Independence Day weekend in July.
Bricks Cascade—Portland, OR
Bricks Cascade is held every year in Portland. They began in June 2012, and switched to March in 2013.
BrickSlopes—Sandy, UT
Since 2013, this convention has been held in the Salt Lake City area in May.
Philly Brick Fest—Philadelphia, PA
This event started in April 2014.
BrickMagic—Raleigh, NC
This is a LEGO® convention run by Brick Journal magazine editor and founder Joe Meno, who ran the 2006 BrickFest. It has been held on Mother’s Day weekend in May in Raleigh, NC since 2011.
Brickfête—Toronto, Canada
Held every July in Toronto, Brickfête is the Canadian convention. There was also a Montreal Brickfête in 2013.

Overseas LEGO® Conventions

Besides the above North American events, LEGO® conventions and large expos have been held in various countries in Europe, as well as Australia and Hong Kong. Bricks by the Bay is proud to be a part of this global phenomenon.





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