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Join us for a virtual Bricks by the Bay 2020 on July 10 and 11

You can sign up for the virtual convention on this website now.  The registration per connection will be $5.  If you visit us in the real world in 2021 we will have a printed convention brick (one brick per connection) for 2020 virtual attendees.


If you are registering for the first time: Sign up


For returning Brickbuilders, use your email and password from last year to log in. 

Bricks by the Bay live Convention will be back in June 17-20, 2021. Our theme for 2021 will be “Looking Back”




Bricks by the Bay is just one of a growing number of conventions and gatherings throughout the world where fans of LEGO® gather to share our enthusiasm for our favorite plastic brick. Builders, artists, and hobbyists attend and share creations, give and attend presentations, play games, and most of all, have fun with other LEGO® fans. In 2021 the weekend will have a two day public exposition as we invite the public to visit the 22,568 square foot ballroom to view our MOCs (My Own Creation) on display and purchase LEGO® and related goodies from our vendors.

Bring your Creations (MOCs): It’s time to get moving on your MOC. Whether it’s a brick-built Hubble space telescope, a brick font optomitrist chart or your vision of the future of LEGO® now is the opportunity to let you imagination soar.  Get out your bricks and start building!  Once you have registered for the convention, you can follow the MOC registration instructions on your Account Summary page to register your MOC.  In 2021 you will be able to bring MOCs - in 2020 just send us picutres!

Registration:  All ages are welcome to register. Children younger than 18 must attend the convention along with a registered adult. 

Registration for the 2021 convention will be open in July after the 2020 virtual convention


Cancelation Policy:  We do understand that things come up, and offer a full refund up to 14 days in advance of the start of the convention. Vendors must request a refund 30 days prior to the convention to allow time to fill their vacated space.

Email us at admin "at" for help. 


Games and Contests: Sign ups will be available at the event.

Bricks by the Bay 2021 will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center
5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA (Map Link)





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