Convention Theme

Each year, Bricks By The Bay selects a theme for the convention. This is a word or phrase that serves as inspiration for the attendees building models to display at the convention, as well as the graphic arts and activities at the event.

We encourage all attendees to build models commemorating our theme, and we’re excited to see what everyone will bring. Get your imagination going and plan something really awesome!

As always, there will be an overall trophy awarded to the MOC that best reflects the theme.

The themes for previous Bricks By The Bay conventions were:

Event Kit

The Event Kit is a tradition borrowed from other LEGO conventions. It’s a custom-made LEGO set, complete with instructions, that you build. The model is designed by one or more of our core volunteers, and the design typically includes some custom printed parts.

Each Brick Builder Attendee may purchase one Event Kit.

2019 – UneXpected

The 2019 Event Kit was a Jack-in-the-Box designed by Li Li.

2018 – Animation

The 2018 Event Kit was a functioning zoetrope that pays tribute to early animation. Designed by Davin White.

2017 – California Dreamin’

The 2017 convention’s theme was California Dreamin’, which is a tribute to Bricks By The Bay’s home state. The event kit was a California map, highlighting historical and significant parts of our state. Designed by Erez Morag.

2016 – Seven

The 2016 theme was “Seven.” The model was a secret agent style sports car designed by Tim Inman that included custom printed license plates with “BBTB007.”

2015 – Monsters

The 2015 event kit was a dragon, designed by Charles Esseltine, inspired by the theme of “Monsters.”

2014 – Fun and Games

In 2014 we had a a custom built board game (“Brick Traders of the Galaxy”) for our Event Kit, made out of LEGO, where players race to deliver trade goods throughout the galaxy. The game play was designed by Erik Wilson and the model was designed by Li Li. The kit includes a detailed space station and starship and ten planets you visit along your way, and lots of great parts.

2013 – Brick Technologies

Our 2013 event kit was designed by the very talented designer Chris McVeigh and represents an old fashioned television set, with a “test pattern” printed on the screen featuring our logo.

2012 – Green

The third year we had a theme of “Green” which had several meanings. Based on the ecological interpretation, we made an Event Kit that was recyclable into three different models. Each of our then Board of Directors (Bruce Chamberlain, Loren Merrell, and Bill Ward) designed a model, all of which were built from the same parts.

2011 – Creative Combinations

Our second convention, the first at the Hyatt Regency, shared the hotel with a steampunk convention. The Event Kit this year, designed by Bill Ward, was a San Francisco Cable Car with rocket engines on the sides and antigravity repulsors on the bottom.

2010 – The Brick Artistic

For our first convention, the Event Kit was a 16×16 mosaic of the Golden Gate Bridge, similar to our logo, designed by Russell Clark. The white 1 × 8 bricks were meant to be replaced with bricks from your badge.




Convention Activities