Games & Contests


Convention attendees will be able to take part in a number of games and contests at the convention. See the schedule for full details about when and where they are all taking place.

Age Limits

Some of these activities have age restrictions. In some cases the same activity is done multiple times for different age groups, so multiple ages restrictions are shown. Unless marked, events are for all ages, though they may have divisions for different age groups. Click the event name to read any additional details about age restrictions or groups. The following symbols indicate activities that have age restrictions:

≤ 15 = Ages 15 & Under 10-15 = Ages 10-15 ≤ 18 = Ages 18 & Under
10+ = Ages 10 & Up 16+ = Ages 16 & Up 18+ = Ages 18 & Up
12 + = Ages 12 & Up All = All Ages  

How to Sign-Up for Games

Space is limited. Sign-up sheet will be available at the check in desk, usually on the left hand side of registration in the Grand Ballroom.  In order to make it fair for everyone, we will put out sign-up sheets for the AM games out the night before and the PM games out on the morning of the game.


Try your luck and skills at any of these games at the convention:

Building Challenges

Test out your ability to be creative under pressure in one of these exciting creative challenge activities:

Other Activities

Check out these fun activities.

Speed Build Contests

How fast can you build a LEGO set?

Note: Spaces are limited since we are providing only a certain number of sets to build. See game page for details.

MOC Contests

Challenge your building skills in one of numerous categories at the convention. Build MOCs (My Own Creations) at home before the convention, and bring them to participate.




Convention Activities