101 Bricks

Want to test your on-the-fly building skills?

Each participant brings 101 LEGO® elements of their choosing. Any part; any color. If you didn’t bring them from home, you can visit the vendors to purchase some in bulk, or borrow them from someone at the convention.

There will be three preliminary rounds of building, followed by a final round. Each round will last three minutes and will be based on a random theme announced right before building begins. The goal is to build a MOC to the random theme within the allotted time, using any of the 101 bricks you brought. 

Participants will judge the best MOCs via applause. Each contestant will have 15 seconds to state their name and describe their MOC. The first, second, and third place winners of each round will advance to the final round.

The final winner will receive a "101 Bricks Winner" brick at the evening ceremony.

Maximum of 15 participants.

Coordinator: Steve Parmley




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