Left Hand-Right Hand

A team of two players sit side by side. One unopened LEGO box sits between them. Yes, opening the box is a part of the game! They can only use the arms between them for the game. One player has the instructions, the other has the pile of parts. One player can use their right arm, one player can use their left. Neither can talk after the start of the game. If they do, they lose points*. If they do again, they lose more points*. If they use their other arm/hand for anything regarding the game they are out*. The fastest team to build the set, adjusted for any penalties, wins.


*Judge’s discretion.


Note: Spaces are limited since we are providing only a certain number of sets to build. Put your name on the sign-up sheets near the Registration Desk to be considered. A set of names (plus alternates) will be randomly selected from the sign-up sheets, and the results will be posted by the Registration Desk and by the game location. If your name is selected please show up promptly to play. Only the person selected may play; you may not give your spot to another person.

Note that although you may sign up for as many as you like, you may only actually participate in no more than one speed build event at the convention, to ensure that the free LEGO sets are distributed among as many people as possible. Once you have played one such game you will not be selected for subsequent ones.

This game requires participants to sign up in advance. 

Game Coordinator: Charles Esseltine




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