LEGO® Catapult (ALL AGES)

It’s minifig launchin’ time!  Build a LEGO brick catapult to hurl a minfig to his or her doom.  Distance rules.  The longer the better.  Join us for this high flying contest.  All ages are welcome.


The Requirements

• No more than one catapult per contestant.

• Each catapult must launch a single standard sized minifig.

• Catapults must have some sort of release mechanism and may not be directly powered.  For example, you may not fire the catapult by means of pressing on the opposite end of a swing arm to supply the force required to launch the minifig.  What constitutes a directly powered mechanism or proper release mechanism is solely in the discretion of the  coordinator.

• Catapults must be primarily built of LEGO bricks.  You may utilize non-LEGO components such as rubber bands or string as part of the mechanism, including, for example, for the source of the catapult’s torsion power.  You may not wrap or support the structure of your catapult with non-LEGO components.


The Awards

Awards will be given in three categories:

• Furthest Distance Thrown.  The catapult that throws a minifig the furthest wins.

• Furthest Distance Thrown, Junior Division.  Same as above, only for junior builders age 12 or younger.

• Boom Master.  The most outrageously designed or wickedly clever catapult will win the “Boom Master” award.  Open to all ages.  The winner will be decided by the contest coordinator in light of the general acclamation and response of attendees at the event.


The Warning

It is entirely possible that the forces exerted on your catapult will tear it apart in a catastrophic disaster.  Minifigs may well suffer bodily harm.

Game Coordinator:  Leonard E. Marquez




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