Wacky Racers (ALL AGES)

It’s time for Wacky Racers!  Race your custom built LEGO racer down the ramp towards victory.  The wackier your vehicle, the better.  Join us for this perennial favorite contest.  All ages are welcome.


The Requirements

•    No more than one vehicle per contestant.

•    Each vehicle must be “driven” by at least one minifig.

•    Vehicles may not be powered by any source other than the ramp itself (i.e. gravity).

•    Vehicles must be able to “roll” or “slide” in some fashion, though they need not necessarily have four or any wheels.

•    Vehicles must have a substantial body constituting of more than a minimal number of LEGO bricks (i.e. a minifig stuffed inside a single large wheel will be disqualified).  No non-LEGO parts allowed.  What constitutes a sufficient vehicle or impermissible non-LEGO parts usage is solely in the discretion of the  coordinator.


The Awards

Awards will be given in three categories:

•    Furthest Distance Traveled.  The racer that travels the furthest wins.  Distance is measured to the largest “chunk” of the vehicle in the event of vehicle destruction.  The minifig pilot must remain on the vehicle.  If your pilot is ejected, the vehicle is disqualified.

•    Furthest Distance Traveled, Junior Division.  Same as above, only for junior racers age 12 or younger.

•    Wackiest Racer. The most outrageously designed or hilariously clever racer will win the “Wackiest Racer” award.  Open to all ages.  The winner will be decided by the contest coordinator in light of the general acclamation and response of attendees at the event.


The Warning

Destruction of your vehicle is not only possible, but perhaps likely.  Be prepared for the possibility of lost or damaged parts.

Game Coordinator:  Leonard E. Marquez




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