- Calendar on Google sheets

- Links to the Zoom meetings will be going out to registrants and presenters on Thursday 7/9/2020

- See full presentation descriptions below the synopsis in the SCHEDULE HIGHLIGHTS

(we will be running up to five separate Zoom meetings.)



All times are PACIFIC time

(number in parenthesis is the Zoom meeting)


7:00 PM Connection check and announcements (1)

7:30 PM Special Presentation - Bricklink Studio tips and tricks with Kevin Kim (1)

7:30 PM Kids meet & greet with activities * (5)

8:30 PM Meet and Greets: General all ages (1), LGBTQ+ (18 years old or older) (2), AFOL (18 years old or older) (3)

8:30 LEGO trading board (4)


10:00 AM Opening Ceremony (1)

11:00 AM Presentation by Astrid Müller, show and event manager from LEGO (1)

12:00 PM Question and Answer with Sara Skahill of LEGO (1)

1:00 PM Presentation by Henrik Andersen, LEGO designer (1)

2:00 PM Jewelry with Kara Campbell (1)

2:00 - 2:30 PM MOC Tour with Bill Ward (2)

2:00 - 3:30 PM Spike Prime with Eva Carrender (3) *

2:00 - 3:30 PM LDraw with Adam Williams (4)

2:00 PM Junior MOC show and tell (5)

3:00 PM Women’s Brick Initiative workshop with Megan Lum & Alice Finch (1) *

3:00 PM “What we did in the Quarantine” with Cactus Brick (2)

3:00 PM Mech Building 101 for Juniors with Leonard Marquez (5) *

3:30 - 4:00 PM The DLB Project with Julian Gomez (3)

4:00 PM Micropolis with Zonker Harris (1)

4:00 PM MOC Tour with Jeremy Stevermer (2)

4:00 PM MOC Tour with Erik Wilson (3)

4:00 PM Pivoting a LEGO business during COVID with Patty Sherin (4)

4:00 PM Teen MOC show & tell (5)

5:00 - 7:00 PM LEGO Masters discussion with Richard & Flynn (1)

5:00 PM MOC Tour with Leonard Marquez (2)

5:00 PM Micropolis discussion panel (3)

5:00 PM Bricklink Secrets with Paul Sinasohn (4)

5:00 PM Junior MOC show and Tell (5)

6:00 PM 101 Bricks with Bill Ward (2) *

6:00 PM BrickThink with Hans Weemaes (3)

6:00 PM Alternate Slopes workshop with Li Li (4)

6:00 PM Great Ball Contraption exhibition (5)

7:00 PM Building LEGO for a Living with Mariann Asunama (1)

7:00 PM Dr, Seuss LEGO display with BayLUG (2)

7:00 PM LEGO 3D database with Julian Gomez (3)

7:00 PM Flex forms workshop with Charles Esseltine (4) *

7:00 PM Teen MOC show & tell (5)

8:00 PM Women’s Brick Initiative with Megan Lum & Alice Finch (1)

8:00 PM LEGO Livestreaming with Jeremy Stevermer (2)

8:00 - 8:30 PM Aliens & Apes with Hans Weemaes (3)

8:00 PM Show and Tell open for all (4)

8:00 PM LEGO Tabletop Gaming panel with Brenden Allard (5)

9:00 PM Building Challenge MOCs displayed followed by social time (1,2)


* Workshops that (may) require you to find a list of parts in your collection

(see WORKSHOPS section for parts lists)



Virtual Bricks by the Bay Vision 2020 Session Descriptions


Friday July 10


Room 1

   7:00 PM Connection test and Announcements


   7:30 - 8:00 PM Special Presentation - Bricklink Studio tips and tricks with Kevin Kim

BrickLink has been developing a digital building software called Studio since 2014. The number of Studio users has been steadily growing since the launch and we are truly grateful that Studio now has a solid number of fans. Recently we have been able to introduce Studio to the public and it has received a lot of positive reactions.


   8:30 PM (until late) Meet & Greet open to all


Room 2

   8:30 PM (until late) LGBTQ (18+) Meet & Greet

     (must be 18 or older to enter)


Room 3

   8:30 PM (until late) Adult Fan of LEGO (18+) Meet & Greet

     (must be 18 or older to enter)


Room 4

   8:30 PM BBTB Virtual Trading Board.  Please join your fellow BBTB 2020 virtual con attendees for a virtual trading meet up.  We will connect over Zoom to share items that we are looking to trade with each other. The session will begin at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, July 10th in Room 4.  We anticipate that the trading session will last about an hour or for as long as there remain active participants.

Guidelines.  While this is a largely an informal meet up, we ask that all participants adhere to the following rules and guidelines:

1. This is an informal meet up for individuals to connect for purposes of trading LEGO bricks from their private collections.  It is not intended for vendors to attend to promote commercial sales.

2. Any transactions are solely the responsibility of the individual participants.  BBTB does not oversee or guarantee the trades or sales in any fashion.  

3. While individuals may offer up trades or sales of bulk LEGO bricks to each other, this is not intended to be a venue for bulk brick sellers to make sales.  Anyone who regularly sells bulk brick to the public or LUGs is asked to not participate. 

4. Depending on the number of participants, the moderators (Leonard and Tiffeny) may need to set time limits on how long each person has to show off their items for trade in order to give everyone a chance to participate. If participants need to have extensive negotiations over particulars like cost, we may encourage folks to conclude those side discussions outside of the Zoom itself (such as through direct email or via the Zoom direct chat function).

5. No one under 18 should participate without the direct supervision of a parent or guardian.  If a parent or guardian is available to supervise, a minor under 18 may participate, but no contact or payment information should be exchanged directly with a minor.  A minor's parent or guardian must be prepared to participate on the Zoom to communicate with the other party regarding arranging final payment or trade details.

6. All participants are responsible for making final payment and/or shipping arrangements for their concluded trades.

Have fun trading!


Room 5

   7:30 PM Kids Meet & Greet with activity

     (under 18 with parents/guardians)

Part list for the activity

  8 x 2x4 brick

  7 x 2x2 brick

  1 x 1x1 round plate

  4 (or more) x 1x1 plate with clip on top

  4 things that can be stuck onto a clip (about the same size)


Saturday July 11


Room 1

   9:30 AM Connection test


   10:00 AM Bricks by the Bay Opening Ceremony


   11:00 AM Astrid Müller – Senior Show and Events Manager LEGO House who will talk about LEGO House Fan Activities followed by a Q & A


   12:00 Noon Sara Skahill – Sara is originally from Arizona and moved to Connecticut 8 years ago when she started working at the LEGO Group US office. She started as the online community specialist for ReBrick and working on LEGO Ideas. She moved onto the LAN team in 2018 as a LAN Engagement Manager, working with 360+ communities globally and overseeing content on the site.  She will host Question & Answer session on all things LEGO.


   1:00 PM Henrik Andersen – Design Master who will talk about how he became a LEGO Designer and a selection of the sets he has designed (many City and Star Wars and several UCS sets) followed by a Q&A

   2:00 PM LEGO Jewelry Join Minifigchick (Kara Campbell) for an all-ages presentation about using LEGO for jewelry.  First we'll look at some of the jewelry products LEGO has produced over the years, including the new DOTS line.  We'll look at the creations of some current LEGO jewelry artists.  Finally, we'll explore various LEGO parts that are particularly helpful in making jewelry, and we'll look at some inexpensive products you can get from Amazon or other sources that will help you make your LEGO jewelry ideas a reality!  If you have any questions in advance or if you would like me to showcase a specific LEGO piece, please email minifigchick@gmail.com.

   3:00 PM Women’s Brick Initiative workshop with Megan Lum & Alice Finch The Women's Brick Initiative (WBI) is a Recognized LEGO Online Community RLOC dedicated to inspiring, supporting and empowering women in the LEGO ecosystem.  We are excited to conduct our first workshop for Bricks by the Bay!


The theme for this year's workshop is lighting and is structured around creating mini builds and integrating them with Brick Stuff lighting. Build a micro-scale Hobbit Hole designed by Alice Finch, and learn how to add lights to it.


Any person who feels this is an activity they would relate to is encouraged to attend. This includes women of all ages, girls (we recommend minors be accompanied by an adult), anyone who identifies as female, or who thinks what women are doing is the coolest thing since sliced bread.


There is a list of bricks/lights that are needed for the workshop listed on the workshop section of www.bricksbythebay.com.  Or you can buy the necessary supplies on our website (we have a limited number at https://womensbrickinitiative.com/shop/).

   4:00 PM Micropolis with Zonker Harris

An introduction to Micropolis, Micropolis2, and debuting microscale train modules as a border for a Micropolis Display.

   5:00 – 7:00 PM LEGO Masters with Richard Board and Flynn De Marco

They will talk about their journey from conventions to LEGO Masters. Then they will bring in some special guests and continue with a Q&A session.  Please sent Q & A questions ahead of time as a reply to the following LEGO Masters Q & A email!

   7:00 PM Building LEGO for a living with LEGO Master Builder Mariann Asunama

   8:00 PM Women’s Brick Initiative presentation with Megan Lum & Alice Finch They will discuss the Women's Brick Initiative (WBI) a RLOC dedicated to inspiring, supporting and empowering women in the LEGO ecosystem.  Through a partnership with Smith College, WBI has started an internship program this year.  Our interns are conducting research on representation of women in LEGO.  We will be able to provide some preliminary findings and ask for input on how to shape future research.   Please join us as we discuss the history of women and LEGO, our intern program, and some of our plans to celebrate women in LEGO moving forward. 


Any person who feels this is a discussion they can relate to is encouraged to attend.  This includes all women, girls (we recommend minors be accompanied by an adult), anyone who identifies as female, and anyone who thinks women are awesome.

   9:00 PM Display of building challenge models followed by closing remarks and social time for all attendees

Room 2

   2:00 – 2:30 PM Home MOC Tour with Bill Ward


   3:00 PM MOC Tour of what the Cactus Brick crew built during the Quarantine hosted by Corey Gehman and Peter Aldred of the Cactus Brick LUG in Arizona.


   4:00 PM Home MOC Tour with Jeremy Stevermer - A Walk in the Woods with Jaspirac the Druid, a thorough review of 2019-2020 MOCS including: Bag End, the Garden of the Rainbow Pagoda, The World Tree House 2020, the Nest Keeper’s Fortress, and more.


   5:00 PM Home MOC Tour with Leonard Marquez - Compshire Castle.  Join us for a tour of Compshire Castle.  The stronghold of the dragon knight faction, this castle MOC and scenery is a custom build measuring two feet by five feet.  It features an expansive curtain wall, a moat, a working portcullis, a secret dragon lair underneath and a great hall as well as a dungeon with a break away wall for a prisoner jail break.  The builder, Leonard E. Marquez, will be giving a live interactive tour. 


   6:00 PM – 101 Bricks Game with Bill Ward Pick out exactly 101 LEGO elements from your collection to use in this game. Using only those 101 elements, you will be given a theme and three minutes to build a model inspired by that theme. After 10 rounds of this, an overall winner will be chosen.

Some tips:

   7:00 PM BayLUG Dr. Seuss display: One Brick, Two Bricks, Red Brick, Blue Brick and a Whole Lot of Wonderful Dr. Seuss Inspired LEGO Builds.  Come see a wild menagerie of wonderfully Seussian inspired custom LEGO creations built by the members of BayLUG, the local Bay Area LEGO hobbyist club.

   8:00 PM LEGO Live Streamer’s Panel with Jeremy Stevermer

A Panel discussion with LEGO building streamers about live streaming.  Hosted by Jaspirac the Druid of dreamdynamictv  featuring SetToBuild, Co- Founder of the Brick-building Community on Twitch and others.


   9:00 PM Display of building challenge models (if we have more than will fit in room 1) followed by AFOL (18 and above) social time


Room 3

   2:00 - 3:30 PM – SPIKE Prime Review and Programming with Eva Carrender

With special presenters: Ice Cream Robotics Club (Myself and Three-5th grade girls).  Suitable for all ages.

Class description and building instructions are attached in the WORKSHOP section.

Purchase set: https://education.lego.<wbr/>com/en-us/products/lego-<wbr/>education-spike-prime-set/<wbr/>45678#product

Download free software: SPIKE Prime | Student App Download | LEGO® Education

   3:30 – 4:00 PM The DLB Project with Julian Gomez (former Chief Scientist and Director of Advanced Technology Group, LEGO A/S)

The Digital Bricks project will introduce a modern file format for describing virtual building brick models. It’s designed around some fundamental principles:

Open public access - The DLB file format will be readable by any app that can handle text. It will not contain any encrypted information so nothing can be hidden in the files. No proprietary protocols will be allowed in the files, thereby ensuring that nobody can get locked out of their own creations.

Published standards - The data in the file will use standard information technology formats. Any software implementing those standards will be able to process the DLB files, and there are hundreds of thousands of packages that can do so.

Long-term archiving - Through the use of public standards and practices the DLB files will still work far in the future. Even if any particular software gets discontinued, because the file format is well defined other packages will be able to pick up without additional software development.


   4:00 PM Home MOC Tour with the Wilson family – See the ancient City of Legopolis, the door scene from the Monsters Incorporated movie, micro cities of the future, the Canterbury cathedral, ships from the Rick Riordan Percy Jackson books, the battle of Waterloo, the LEGOland City Zoo and more!


   5:00 PM Micropolis Discussion Panel Micropolis is a microscale city collaboration standard created by TwinLUG of Minnesota consisting of 16x16 quarter blocks put together to form a city grid. 1 brick is approximately 9 feet. We can't meet in person to put on a group display, but we can meet on Zoom to have a panel discussion and demonstration of techniques for Micropolis, and everyone is welcome to join us to discuss, share, and/or learn. For more information about Micropolis see the standard at http://twinlug.com/micropolis-micro-city-standard/


   6:00 PM BrickThink: How to Think Creatively Using LEGO with Hans Weemaes

In this one hour session, I explore where ideas come from and reveal the tricks for coming up with your own unique building creations.  BrickThink challenges the myth that you need to wait for a light-bulb moment to be creative.  In fact, as you will see, creative thinking is a simple process that can be switched on by anyone, anywhere, anytime!  The techniques revealed in the presentation are not LEGO model building techniques or building instructions.  They are simple and powerful thinking techniques for idea generation that can be applied quickly.  Included in the presentation are unique LEGO models that were made using the creative thinking techniques.  The presentation is suitable for all ages.


   7:00 PM Technical Design of the LEGO L3D Database by Julian Gomez (former Chief Scientist and Director of Advanced Technology Group, LEGO A/S)

In 1996 LEGO created SPU-Darwin (Strategic Product Unit - Darwin) to conduct the research and development needed to create digital LEGO and place it into the company’s workflow. The basis of digital LEGO was the L3D database, which contained 3D computer graphics models all of the current bricks and models. With these assets LEGO could digitally produce building instructions, promotional material, movies, games, virtual reality software, and also streamline their time to market.
     This talk covers the process of building L3D, from initial discussions, to assessing relevant technology, to determining requirements, to creating 3D models and multi-layer client/server software, and advanced clients. Interestingly, there were requirements for intangible This is a very technical talk, and will cover RDBs, client-server models, ORDBs, OOP, 3D modeling, CAD/CAM/PLM, 3D scene graphs, 3D rendering, 3D animation, Silicon Graphics, and system simulation. But most importantly, it will cover how all of those relate to LEGO.


  7:00 – 7:30 PM Aliens and Apes: A Space MOC Presentation with Hans Weemaes

In this half hour session, I provide a tour of two space LEGO MOCS; one small and one large.  The small MOC is an artistic take on the iconic alien versus power-loader scene from the 1986 movie 'Aliens'.  The MOC pays homage to the handy brick separator that is built into the power loader.  The large MOC mixes science with science fiction in an alternative 1969 in which King Kong attacks the Saturn V rocket launch.  The MOC is over 6 feet in height and features custom emergency vehicles.  In the session I explain how the models were built using innovative building and visualization techniques.  The presentation is suitable for all ages.   



Room 4

   2:00-3:30 PM Designing Digital Delights - Using Ldraw to Develop MOCs, Instructions, and Orders with Adam Williams

Adam will explain the basics of creating LEGO digital designs using Mike's LEGO CAD (MLCAD), creating instructions using the LEGO Instruction Creator (LIC), and automatically ordering parts using Bricklink wanted lists.


  4:00 PM What happened to my LEGO business due to COVID-19 and how I am pivoting and looking towards the future with Patty Sherin


   5:00 PM Bricklink Secrets with Paul Sinasohn

Do you need to buy some LEGO just because? Need that one special part to finish your MOC? This session will give you tips & tricks that will help you optimize your search so you can get back to building. Bricklink's Catalog system is more than just a list of parts, it can help you get everything you want - and find that one piece you never knew you needed! Filtering, Years, Colors and Relationships - there are many ways that Bricklink has to help you spend your money.


   6:00 PM Alternate Slopes Workshop with Li Li

Tired of only working with 30 degree and 45 degree slopes?  Li Li shows you how you can build with Angles of your choice!  See the parts list in the workshop section on this website.


   7:00 PM Flex forms workshop with Charles Esseltine

So you thought that LEGO didn’t bend?  Charles shows you how to build flexible stars and other shapes.  All you will need are 36 1x8 bricks or plates (12 of each of three colors of your choice)


   8:00 PM Open Show and Tell with Erik Wilson

Have something that you want to show off.  Bring it, raise your hand, turn on your camera and tell us about your creation!



Room 5 (Kids)

The Kids room is for kids under 18 and parents/guardians (until the 6 PM Great Ball Contraption session and the 8 PM tabletop LEGO games discussion panel).  There will be a waiting room enabled for this room so be patient while we let you in.


   2:00 PM Junior (12 and under) Show and Tell with Debbie and Terra

Bring what you have built and show it off!


   3:00 PM Mech Building 101 for Kids with Leoanrd Marquez This workshop presentation will introduce Junior and Teen builders to the art of building "mech" robots.  Mechs have been popular over the years in many different sci-fi media, from cartoons to movies to video games.  And mechs have been a favorite subject of many LEGO MOC builders as well.  Mechs have even appeared in LEGO themes, including Exoforce and Ninjago.  In this seminar, participants will learn the basic principles of mech construction, including body structure, articulation and other design elements/tips.  Participants will follow along with step by step instructions for building their own mech body frame which they can embellish to make a fully built out mech.  Please see the Parts List posted online in the workshop section.  Recommended Ages:  8-17.


   4:00 PM Teen (13-17) Show and Tell with Brendan and Cameron

Bring what you have built and show it off!


   5:00 PM Junior (12 and under) Show and Tell with Debbie and Terra

Bring what you have built and show it off!


   6:00 PM Great Ball Contraption exhibition

You will have to see this explosion of action and creativity!


   7:00 PM Teen (13-17) Show and Tell with Brendan and Cameron

Bring what you have built and show it off!


   8:00 PM Tabletop LEGO Gaming Panel

A panel dedicated to all things LEGO and table top gaming, hosted by Brendan Allard and Alison Brennan. We will be discussing everything to do with table top games, from gameplay, to rules, to how to make your own LEGO table top game, in addition to sharing our stories and experiences. If you enjoy war games, RPGs, DnD, or board games of any kind, this is the panel for you.




Convention Activities