Bricks by the Bay videos and presentations

MOC Tours

Tiffeny Thompson's 2020 Train layout

Film Festival Entries from this and previous years

Thomas Hagener's TAHU (Bionicle Fan Film for Bricks By The Bay 2020 film festival)

Mike Powell's look at the News! Babs 20/20

Greg Morishige's Mandorian Nevarro CIty

Thomas Hagener's 2019 Escape from Blacktron film festival entry

Cameron Wilson's 2018 BbtB LEGO Music video

2020 Presentations and videos

Zonker Harris 2020 Teaser for Micropoliis Trains presentation

Adam Williams' LDraw presentation (starts 2 minute 15 second point ...)

Icon Adam Williams' LDraw powerpoint (8.2 MB)

Walt White's GBC Video

Icon Li Li's Arbitrary Angles powerpoint (2.3 MB)

Cactus Brick's What we did for Summer vacation

Cactus Brick's Building MILS plates and trees

Leonard Marquez 

Jeremy Stevermer's MOC Tour


More presentations will be uploaded soon!





Convention Activities