Become a Sponsor

To become a sponsor, please contact Kara Campbell at .

Here are some ways you might sponsor Bricks By The Bay.

Instead of donating physical products, you can give us vouchers which can be redeemed at your booth for actual products.Coupons for a discount where the customer must still make a purchase do not qualify; it must be something they can get for free by presenting the voucher.

Donated goods or services are valued at your usual retail rates.

LEGO® kits which are currently available through retail outlets are valued at LEGO’s MSRP.

Older, discontinued or otherwise not currently available LEGO® kits are valued based on the Bricklink price guide for new kits, as listed under average price for the last six months.

In order for donated items to be included in the goodie bags, they must be received no later than June 1, 2019. The shipping address will be provided at the time of donation confirmation. Other donated items may be brought to the convention by arrangement.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Bronze $250-$999

Silver $1000-$1999

Gold $2000+

To become a sponsor, please contact Kara Campbell at




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